Climate change and Global Warming

 Climate Changes and Global Warming 

Most of us go about our normal routine and living our daily lives, distancing ourselves from Climate change and anything relating to Global Warming. We think that it is not our problem but someone else’s since it does not affect us in our life. Is this understanding correct? Is climate change the problem of our leaders or someone else’s issue to solve?

From the North Pole to South Pole our glaciers are warming up. The earth is heating up and the average surface temperature has increased by over 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This increase is in even more in the polar regions that are sensitive.   

We use the term global warming and climate change synonymously. Scientists prefer the word climate change, when they are describing the complex shifts that is affecting our day-to-day weather which is affecting our planet. When we talk about climate change it not only encompasses the rising average temperatures, but it also includes the extreme weather events, the wildlife impact, their habitats changes, the rising seas, and a whole range of all critical influences that is affecting Earth. 

The changes in the climate are affecting the entire globe which is warming up planet. 

What happens if the climate changes? 

Before moving away or side-lining or pushing away the problem let us educate ourselves on some of the key effect that this change is causing: -

  1. The warming of the earth is causing the ice to melt, especially at the Earth’s pole. The number of glaciers has declined to fewer than 30 from more than 150 in 1910. 

  2. The rising temperature is affecting wildlife and their habitats. 

  3. Many species are forced to move due to this shift in temperature. Some butterflies, foxes have migrated farther north or to higher and cooler areas.

  4. Some regions are experiencing droughts, while others heavy rains, the dry temperature is causing fires that is spreading wildly. 

  5. Crops are affected, water shortages are increasing, the air quality has deteriorated affecting the quality of life of all living beings. 

Glaciers store about three-quarters of the freshwater, with the glaciers melting the water level is bound to come down. Hurricanes and other storms are likely to become stronger and destructive. 

It is as real as it can get.

There is a growing consensus among the scientists that Global warming is real, it cannot be ignored or stashed away for another day to handle. Though this has been subject to great deal of political controversy, the science is getting clearer and the debate is now moving from who is to blame to what can we do to solve this and respond to it. 

Are we the reason?

Overwhelming evidence (97% scientific consensus) suggests that global warming is mostly man-made and the main contributor to this fiasco boils down to burning fossil fuels and deforestation on a mass-scale. 

Man, with his intelligence has figured out a way to reach Mars, discover most of the secrets of the Universe among other amazing discoveries, using his intelligence and sixth sense. However, he has also rampaged Earth and has heated up the same planet he is living in. 

The good news is we can do something about it, but we must do it together and more importantly we must do it “NOW”.

Start small but start NOW.

We can start off with small things that are within our control and then move on to larger things to curb this global warming.

  1. Be informed- The more you know the better. Today at the click of the finger access to information is available. Be aware and informed. 

  2. Reduce and Recycle- Reduce your carbon footprint and encourage others to do so. Use recyclable products and reduce wastage. 

  3. Go Green- Plant trees, grow plants and use green products and renewable energy consumption. 

  4. Save every drop- Water is one the scarce resource today. Use it wisely and recycle it as much as possible. 

  5. Blend in- Nature is all encompassing, blend in with Nature, respect it and teach others to be a part of this change. 

Each one of us must do our part in reversing the Global warming and reducing the effect climate change has on us. 

The way you treat the Earth is the gift that you pass over to your kids. Be a part of the change to save the planet from the chaos that we have created.  


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