How climate change affects?

 How climate change affects? 

Plundering the Earth’s resources over decades has created a huge impact on the climate among other changes in the planet. Climate is changing over time, gradually and steadily. The earth is heating up due to increased pollution, deforestation, excessive use of earths resources etc. Climate changes will affirmatively cause negative affect in human, animals, environment, agriculture, economy, forest, deficiency in water, food etc.

Some signs of climate change:

Temperature rising world-wide: The greenhouse gases absorb more heat in atmosphere and this has caused all the temperatures to fluctuate.

Droughts: Frequent droughts which are  longer and extreme around the world.

Tropical storms: As the planet get warmer this has resulted in high ocean water temperature which is  triggering more storms and hurricanes.

Climate change has significant negative, social, cultural and economic consequences.

Climate Change Affects Biodiversity

Over the century the average global temperature has increased causing extreme climatic occurrences. This change has an impact on the biophysical environment which in turn impact the biodiversity at the species level in terms of phenology, distribution & populations, and ecosystem level in terms of distribution, composition & function.

Climate Change Affects Animal

Animals are affected by the climate change which is the new challenge in our world. The increase of water, air, solid waste are affecting the habitats of the animal. Polar bear, ringed seal, monarch butterfly, Atlantic cod, koalo, leatherback sea turtle, adelie penguin, American Pika, staghorn coral, colmbia spotted frog and more are the in the list of endangered animals. Climatic changes affect more than 1 million species.

Extinct and endangered animals are increasing due to the erratic changes in the climate. Livestock is more concentrated where it is populated, and changes in climatic conditions is affecting the growth of livestock.  

Climate Change Affects Agriculture

Agriculture depends on rains, on seasonal predictions and patterns of the climate. According to the season fruits, vegetables, crops are grown. Droughts, heavy rains, storms, excess heat or extreme cold affect agriculture and its yields. 

Climate Change Affects Human Health 

Human health is already affected by the self-inflicted stress, the lifestyle chosen, heredity and a lot of other factors. Added to this the changes in climate plays a key role in health of humans. Unseasonal rains, fluctuations in climate immediately impact the health and lead to complications if untreated or unattended on time. 

Public health in the U.S is affected by disturbances of physical, biological, and ecological systems, including disturbances originating here and elsewhere. Respiratory and cardiovascular disease, injuries and premature deaths are the effects of these disruptions and are related to extreme weather events, changes in the prevalence and geographical distribution of food- and water-borne illnesses and other infectious diseases, and threats to mental health.

Climate Change Affects Economy

Climate change and its causes affect the globe which will in turn have a huge effect on our economy. Rising global temperature, climbing sea levels, intensity of extreme weather and frequency cause damage across to all the countries which impact main sources like transports, infrastructure, industries, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism and more. Weather changes have a link to our gross domestic product also will be affected. 

Changes in climate are catastrophic to humans, animals, impact on biodiversity, the planet etc. Global warming must be checked immediately. Sustainable energy, living in tune with nature, reducing pollution, water conservation, retention and generation, recycling and other essential actions to reduce the greenhouse effect has to be implemented with urgency. 

Earth needs to be saved today. In the situation today we can reverse the global warming together as a species living on this earth, united. 

Before it is too late, and before the situation goes out of hand, we need to raise our voice, act now for reducing the Green house effect that is causing the climate to change around the globe.   

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