How to cut your hair?

 How to cut your hair?

2020 taught us self-reliance, the importance of being skilled in all areas of our life. With the world in lockdown hair salons across the world was closed. This situation created a lot of DIY-Do it yourself necessities and one such need was the requirement to cut your hair at home and look good not for anyone, but for one’s self-confidence. 

Professionals usually do not recommend trimming of hair at home, but they do emphasize that if they should opt for trim/cut in case, they want to cut their hair and not for a full cut. 

Some of the pointers to cut your hair at home are below. A step-by-step guide:

  • Shampoo your hair thoroughly.

  • Dry it completely and straighten the knots. 

  • Sit on a balanced chair in front of the mirror.

  • Divide your hair to an imaginary parting down to the center of you had splitting it into two parts.

  • Using a comb, slide your fingers down one half of your hair - keeping the comb level in a horizontal line. It is important you keep your head level and your body still, as any movements can cause an uneven cut. Therefore, you shouldn’t even cross your legs in the chair.

  • Using your scissors keep your finger and comb level- basically sharper than kitchen ones and trim the ends of your hair using a point technique. But remember, it is important to only cut the ends, this is an isolation SOS (save our splits) trim.

  • Repeat this on the other side.

  • To check if you have achieved your cut, sit level, and close your eyes. The sense of touch is our guideline as our sight can sometimes throw us off. 

  • Run your hands down each side of your head from top to bottom, keeping the hair in-between your fingers and your hands parallel. 

  • Your hands should finish at the base of your hair at the same time. If this happens you know it is a balanced cut. Else do not panic, just trim the longer side accordingly to meet up.

Some of the most important aspects to note in the DIY haircuts are: - 

  1. The right tools – Use the right kind of clippers for this, it is crucial to use the right pair which can be got from a pharmacy or supermarket. 

  2. Ask for help if you have a roommate, partner or friend- Be patient and asking someone for help will make this easier and successful. 

  3. Cut in an order- Start from your hairline and work up the sides and back in the head. Using a makeup pencil or chalk will help to make a clear line.  

  4. Patience is essential- Have enough time to do this with no distractions. Be patient and go layer by layer.

How do men cut their hair at home? 

While women have a number of styles which they can experiment with, most men are going for complete shave or partial shaving of their hair. Such an extreme step is not required. Easy and convenient DIY cuts will make hair look fashionable. Using clippers, they can create their own macho hairstyle and cut their fades, clean up their hairline with trimmers and style your hair.

After trimming and styling a complete washing, shampooing, conditioning, and drying of hair will complete the final look. Using the best hair products while cutting hair at home will add that extra east and sheen to your look. 

For a DIY-Do it yourself haircut, choosing the style, knowing where to start and move on, the right kind of clippers/scissors and have the right position while cutting will make your DIY cut equal to a saloon cut. 

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