The Why’s of my Canine

 The Why’s of my Canine

A dog at home is an addition of a new member to the family. Like an infant, a dog has its own needs and behaviours at different stages. To enjoy the growing up of a dog and to experience the joy it is good to be informed about the stages and behavioural patterns of your pet canine. 

Why does my dog cry when I come home? 

When you enter your home, your dog comes running to you and makes a whining sound. For you it may sound like it is whining or crying, but it is your dog’s way of showing its excitement and happiness. Canines are different from humans in many ways especially while showing the emotions. Humans while expressing their emotions use their voices, and dogs whine and cry and communicate. Dogs whine when they are sad, when they need something, when something is bothering them. So, pay attention to the noises of your dog when they greet you to help meet its needs. 

Whining and crying of your dog is not a sign of sadness, it is a sign of happiness and excitement too. 

Why does my dog follow me everywhere? 

Anywhere you go and turn your dog will be right around you or near you. If you are wondering why your dog is following you everywhere, is due to their pack mentality and animal instinct. There are other reasons why your dog is around you every time, some of them are:-

  1. You have treats for it.

  2. It is bored.

  3. It needs to be taken for a walk.

  4. Separation anxiety.

  5. They are trying to communicate something to you. 

  6. They are afraid. 

  7. They are demanding your attention.

These are only the most likely reasons why your dog is following you everywhere, however, to know the exact reason, watch your dog’s behaviour closely and identify the needs of your dog and address it with care and love. 

Why does my dog bite me? 

Your dog is very close to you, loves you and adores you, yet at times it unexpectedly bites you. Have you ever wondered of this uncanny behaviour of your dog? Here are some of the reasons why your dog bites you: -

  1. If your dog is a puppy it is going through phases and will soon overcome it when you correct the behaviour. 

  2. Instincts- If your dog has puppies it is exhibiting its safe maternal instincts.

  3. If your dog is in pain and if you touch that spot.

  4. Fear at times also causes these bites

Dog bites can be reduced by disciplinary training and by building trust with your dog. 

Why does my dog sleep at my feet?

Your dog will transition to nestling up at your feet if you do not move. Since dogs are pack creatures they like to travel together in groups. It is a natural trait to keep themselves protected and safe. At home you are the pack leader, and they will follow you everywhere. For your dog you are the protector, the alpha. 

At times dogs feel very anxious because of new people, loud sounds, and anything that hey are not used to than their normal routine. 

Interestingly your dog may also sleep when it perceives a threat to you and to protect you. They will put them to at harms way to save you. This is also a way for them to claim their territory and mark you as one of theirs.

Dogs cannot communicate like humans, so the first thing we need to learn is to understand the language our dog is speaking with us. By building trust, through affection and disciplining the dog as essential we can build an remarkable relationship with our dog. 

Canines are pack animals, who mostly delve on their survival instinct, but with loads of care and affection we can make them a part of our family, a part of us.  

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