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What was the original color of the first U.S. passports when they were issued in 1926?

What was the original color of the first U.S. passports when they were issued in 1926?

The original color of U.S. passports issued in 1926 was maroon.

The first U.S. passport was issued in 1926, as a result of the U.S. State Department's decision to standardize the design and issuance of all U.S. passports. The first U.S. passport was a small booklet that featured a maroon cover, with the Seal of the United States on the front. This maroon color was chosen to reflect the official and formal nature of the document, and to set it apart from other types of travel documents.

The passport booklet contained several pages that were used to record the personal information of the passport holder, including their name, photograph, and signature. It also included space for visa stamps and other types of immigration-related information. The passport was designed to be a secure document, with various features such as watermarked paper, a seal, and a raised stamp to prevent forgery.

This passport was used until the early 1940s, when a new design was introduced. The new design was larger in size and featured a blue cover. The U.S. Passport has been redesigned several times since, with the latest design was introduced in 2018. The new design is more secure and includes new technologies such as biometric data and digital images, to help prevent fraud and make the document more difficult to forge.

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