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Ben and Jerry’s is considering a new flavor in honor of Joe Biden. What should it be called?

Ben and Jerry's Considers New Ice Cream Flavor in Honor of Joe Biden A Creative Idea Sparks Imaginations, But Will It Become a Reality? In a lighthearted and imaginative twist, a tweet by Travis from Flint, Michigan, has sparked the conversation about a potential new ice cream flavor dedicated to President Joe Biden. The social media user, who identifies as a disabled veteran and staunch advocate for child protection, playfully suggested that iconic ice cream company Ben and Jerry's should create a unique flavor to honor the current U.S. president. The tweet, posted by Travis (@Travis_in_Flint), humorously indicated that Ben and Jerry's was mulling over the idea of introducing a new ice cream flavor in tribute to President Biden. Travis, who hails from the streets of Flint, Michigan, captured attention with his suggestion, which swiftly circulated on social media platforms. However, it's important to note that this tweet is more of a creative thought exercise rather tha