The Why’s of my Canine

  The Why’s of my Canine A dog at home is an addition of a new member to the family. Like an infant, a dog has its own needs and behaviours at different stages. To enjoy the growing up of a dog and to experience the joy it is good to be informed about the stages and behavioural patterns of your pet canine.  Why does my dog cry when I come home?  When you enter your home, your dog comes running to you and makes a whining sound. For you it may sound like it is whining or crying, but it is your dog’s way of showing its excitement and happiness. Canines are different from humans in many ways especially while showing the emotions. Humans while expressing their emotions use their voices, and dogs whine and cry and communicate. Dogs whine when they are sad, when they need something, when something is bothering them. So, pay attention to the noises of your dog when they greet you to help meet its needs.  Whining and crying of your dog is not a sign of sadness, it is a sign of happiness and exc

Climate change and Global Warming

  Climate Changes and Global Warming  Most of us go about our normal routine and living our daily lives, distancing ourselves from Climate change and anything relating to Global Warming. We think that it is not our problem but someone else’s since it does not affect us in our life. Is this understanding correct? Is climate change the problem of our leaders or someone else’s issue to solve? From the North Pole to South Pole our glaciers are warming up. The earth is heating up and the average surface temperature has increased by over 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This increase is in even more in the polar regions that are sensitive.    We use the term global warming and climate change synonymously. Scientists prefer the word climate change, when they are describing the complex shifts that is affecting our day-to-day weather which is affecting our planet. When we talk about climate change it not only encompasses the rising average temperatures, but it also includes the extreme weather events, t

Richest in the World 2021

  Richest in the World 2021 Dictionary defines the word Richest as containing a lot of something or people with a lot of money or property. Top organisation like Forbes, Bloomberg etc collate information on the richest category’s basis certain pre-defined criteria.  Lets now break this richest down to various categories as identified by various organisation around the World.  Richest Man in the World Jeff Bezos, the Boss of Amazon is the 1 st Richest man in the world. Next in the list is Elon Musk as per the 2020 updated list published. Here richest is the amount of net material wealth they possess in comparison to those around the world. This information of the Richest man in the World is compiled by Forbes, Americas business magazine and other business houses.  Richest people in the World Forbes, Bloomberg, and others in its compilation of the World richest, creates an exhaustive list of people around the world who are the richest. It provides real time data and information of the r

Where to buy Nintendo switch?

  Where to buy Nintendo switch? People around the world stayed at home for most of 2020. People were confined to their space at home and they were forced to work from home.  Sounds exciting and relaxing to stay at home, but the truth is far from it. Boredom and loneliness engulf you like a long-time companion. Nintendo Switch can you be your best friend and companion.  The Nintendo Switch is new home video game system from Nintendo and was released worldwide. It provides single and multiplayer thrills. A hybrid video game console which can play both at home on a television while docked or as portable system. This can be played on built-in screen with joy-con (controllers) attached directly to the sides and with improved battery life. An eighth-generation console which competes with Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.  The Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition Amazon now has a landing page for the forthcoming Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition. This will be

Lottery winning numbers Mega millions

  Lottery winning numbers Mega millions Lottery is a means of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the holders of numbers drawn at random. These random numbers change the fate of millions of people and has altered many lives across the Globe. Mega millions are one of the biggest and largest lotteries in the United States of America. Several states in North America participates in the Mega millions lottery.  Rules of different states determine whether an individual can purchase the lottery. While some states have banned, some states allow to purchase this online. The respective jurisdiction of the state decides the rules of the lottery purchase. Step by Step Mega million Lottery playing detail:  Step 1– Purchase the ticket from a licenced lottery retailer.  Step2- Lottery ticket should be bought 1-2 hours before the lottery is drawn. Step 3- The deadline for the sales vary according to the jurisdiction of the place the ticket is bought from.  Step 4- Once the l

Sony PlayStation 5

  Sony PlayStation 5 Sony has launched PlayStation 5 with next-generation console. Fast loading with an ultra-high-speed SSD which helps to maximise play sessions with near-instant load times , deeper immersion which supports haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D Audio and with all new generation. And stunning gamed are with incredible graphics and experience new PS5 features like ray tracing, 4K-Tv gaming, HDR technology and supports 8K display through HDMI 2.1. It has more feature backwards compatibility, game boost which has faster and smoother frame rate, upgrade PS4 game to digital PS5 game, can also connect your PlayStation VR to your PS5 console. Accessories  DualSense controller   Every new PlayStation 5 includes one DualSense wireless controller. This has a two colour scheme and more ergonomic design. Controller has features to adaptive triggers, built-in microphone and haptic feedback and it’s all integrated into an iconic design. The angle of triggers are with alongside